Plantation Shutters

& solid panel shutters

Shutters are a practical and desirable addition to the home and are becoming an increasingly popular solution to shading, privacy and light control.

All our Shutters are handcrafted to order and are are exceptionally well made made using only the finest materials. They have long lasting UV resistant finishes and have a unique style that will enhance contemporary or traditional interior styles.

Available in a range of woods, painted in neutral colours or stained in a wide variety of shades allowing you to enjoy the natural beauty of the wood grain.
Louvres are available in 6 widths, 32, 47, 64, 76, 89 & 114mm. Solid panels are also available.


Shutter Styles


Café Style
  • Shutters installed to a point between the top and bottom of a window. This is often halfway up but can be to any suitable position. Café style is great for allowing light to flood in over the top of the Shutters while providing complete privacy lower down
  • The most popular choice and can be supplied with or without divider rails. The divider rails can be central or offset to match horizontal glazing bars and provide enhanced light and privacy control
Tier on tier
  • Shutters installed one on top of the other with the split generally in line with a horizontal glazing bar on the window. Each set operates independently offering flexible control of light and privacy


Shutter Materials


There are six material and cost options available. I have tried to explain what they’re really made of, rather than use fancy ‘brand’ names.


MDF also known as Antigua, Classic or Craftwood

Antigua is our MDF entry-level Shutter. This is an engineered product made using a LVL core, MDF outer and a polymer coating. It is an extremely durable composite wood wrapped in a tough, water resistant polyurethane coating which is resistant to scuffing, staining, cracking, chipping and fading. Ideal for areas of heavy usage and probably the most child and pet proof product in the UK market today.

MDF – low-density fibreboard is a wood product created by breaking down timber into a powder, which is mixed with wax and resin and then formed into panels by applying high temperature and pressure. It is a building material similar in application to plywood but made up of separated fibres, not wood veneers. It is denser than normal particle board.

LVL – Laminated veneer lumber is an engineered wood product that uses multiple layers of thin wood assembled with adhesive. It is resistant to warping, twisting, bowing, or shrinking due to its composite nature.

Colours: Available in 5 shades of white


MDF/ABS also known as Bermuda or Cleveland

Bermuda shutters are manufactured with MDF rails & stiles with the louvers being manufactured from ABS plastic. The panel weight of the shutter is reduced, meaning the panels can be made much wider than MDF shutters. The shutter has a painted finish, which more closely resembles the finish of a hardwood shutter.

Colours: Available in 5 shades of white


Finger Jointed Basswood also known as Cuba, Marchwood or Windsor

These shutters are a definite step up in quality, made using finger jointed, Basswood panels and utilising the same MDF frames that we use on our MDF panels.

These are manufactured in top grade, kiln dried and Basswood which has the ideal mechanical properties and evenness of grain to ensure a consistency of finish, strength and rigidity, manufactured to the highest standards using mortise and tenon joints to ensure prolonged quality and durability, with engineered laminated stiles to prevent warping. Finger jointed basswood is a solid and extremely strong shutter at a highly competitive price.

Colours: Available in 5 shades of white


Paulownia also known as Fiji or Phoenix

Ideal for Shutters, Paulownia wood is a very lightweight hardwood. This grows to full height (45 ft) in only eight years. The eight rings (one for each year of growth) produce a distinctive character and a grain reminiscent of oak that stands out even when painted.

The timber is solution soaked for one month, after which the moisture is vacuumed out leaving a strong but very lightweight, bleached wood. The bleaching leaves the wood almost white, which means that we can offer a range of stained finishes as well as the ever popular painted colours. Phoenix Shutters also feature engineered stiles.

Colours: Paulownia is available in a wide range of painted and stained finishes, which complement its distinctive grain.


White Teak also known as Sumatra

Manufactured from white teak, one of the world’s finest quality timbers. The wood comes from sustainable forests on the Solomon Islands which nurture several protected species of hardwood trees. The plantation has held certification since 1998 & provides full accountability & traceability of this premium timber.

White teak is a most versatile hardwood. Whether painted or stained, engineered white teak is the expert’s choice. White teak is renowned for being very stable with a fine & straight grain and an even texture. Being lightweight it also provides a large amount of flexibility when it comes to designing your shutter installation as the weight naturally affects the expanse of window you can cover without the need for extra support. These properties also make it ideal for special shape shutters.

Colours: Available in 28 paint & 20 stains


ABS also known as Java

Java shutters are manufactured from a high grade ABS (a hard, lightweight plastic) making them 100% waterproof & therefore ideally suited to rooms that have condensation or humidity problems.

ABS is a superior & more robust shutter to alternative vinyl shutters & can be easily moulded which means that, unlike vinyl shutters, the profiles of the frames are far more refined which gives a higher quality look and finish to the shutter. To the naked eye it’s difficult to tell them apart from a hardwood shutter.

Colours: Available in 6 shades of white.